Why Choose us?  

BAB al madeena rent a car dubai rent a car Online Dubai offers all new models at economical prices. In addition, we also guarantee to pay only what is discussed at the time of hiring the car from.  

With “BAB al madeena rent a car dubai” rent a car Dubai, your only concern will be to adjust your belt before starting. 

  • Easy hiring 

You have several options for hiring by phone or online. You choose the rental term and the plan you need and you are done. 

  • Customer Support 

You will have quick help 365 days a year and 24 hours in an online office. 

  • Zero problems 

You get the best coverage, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance, collection, and home delivery While having the option to replace the car at any moment 

  • Zero paperwork 

Forget about managing insurance, taxes, or fines. 

  • Free Delivery for monthly rentals 

Our company always thinks about its customers. As a result, we are here to offer you free delivery for our monthly car rental services anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman & Ras al khaimah.  

Hundreds of our customers praise our honest approach, but a good number opeople thank us for our unbelieving 24/7 customer support. 

Type of Vehicles available to rent in UAE. 

BAB al madeena rent a car dubai have all sorts of car types based on our customer needs. We have everything to find a perfect fit according to your demands. Starting from Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Economical, Hybrid, Sports and some of your beloved luxury rentals available at cheap prices to rent 24/7 from anywhere in Dubai.  

How to find the cheapest car rentals? 

Just over a single click on our cheap car rentals page and done. We offer you a wide variety of cheap car rentals daily packages, so you can find a fit according to your need. Depending on the type of occasion such as traveling to a business meeting, Corporate gathering, a family get together or a simple weekend drive towards the deserts, Select the best car rentals that suit your fancy from our wide economical car rentals. 

Promotional offers to rent a car 

Yes, it’s true “BAB al madeena rent a car dubai rent a car” always brings something new for its customer. Every single month we choose 3 cars from the list of our car rentals and offer them on our promotional prices for daily & monthly deals.  

For the month of July we are offered 3 cars to avail over promotional rental deals.  

  1. Kia Picanto – AED 30 daily rent – AED 750 Monthly rent      
  1. Renault Symbol – AED 40 daily rent – AED 750 Monthly rent   
  1. Nissan Sunny – AED 39 daily rent – AED 750 Monthly rent   

But we are not going to stop here. As in August we have decided to offer 6 cars on cheap prices as part of our promotional deals. Thus, just keep following our socials such as FacebookYoutubeLinkedIn, TwitterTumblr,PinterestBehanceAbout me, InstagramBizcommunity, Tripadvisorhidubai, Oneclickdrive2gisBlogspotQuora,  VimeoDisqusSoundcloudBlogspotScooptitDevianartReddit, & Medium. 

Things to be aware of while renting a car in Dubai 

“Precaution” there are some car rental companies offering cheap prices only to attract tourists as they are most easily to con due to less knowledge of UAE. Once tourists or even some residents having less knowledge rented the car from these con artists. Boom just wait for the time to finish your rent and you went to them for your deposit. You will get to know that there were many hidden charges which they never told you but they have written it down in small font over the contract which you signed at the time of receiving the cars and you forgot to focus on them as you were excited to have your own ride.  

Actually, it’s not the customer’s fault as in this era no one has the time to focus over the terms & condition over a rental deal of some hundreds AED. But wait by doing that you are putting yourself in a black hole where you will be throwing some thousands of dirhams just for the reason which you forgot to confirm during the time of rental agreement. 

  1. i)Make your there are no service charges from your deposit.
  2. ii)If you are not buying the rental insurance,Check how much they are charging for any mishap  

iii) What if you return the car dirty are there any charges for that? 

  1. iv)If you forgot to pay the dues for your rentals what will be the late charges?
  2. v)How manykilometres they are offering for their daily & monthly rentals.  
  3. vi)For suppose you rented a car for a month and now you are willing to rent it for another month. Hence, what will be their renewal rates?

vii) The car you rent makes sure there are no previous damages and they are neat & clean. 

The above written things are a must to be taken care of when you rent a car especially from the one who has low prices to offer.  

Use our car rental DXB services and enjoy wonderful holidays in Dubai. 

We got all the luxury car rentals including all brands of SUV, Thus, we give you plenty of choices to select from. Get Infiniti QX60 to Toyota Fortuner, Land Rover to Range Rover, BMW X5 to X6, Mitsubishi Pajero to Nissan Patrol. Our cars have plenty of space for all types of travelers – ideal for touring holidays or fun-filled weekends away. 

It depends upon your choice of travel whether you want to travel in style for work or pleasure. BAB al madeena rent a car dubai rent a car offers a wide range of economy and exotic rentals collection. We got prestigious brands for the ultimate driving experience. 

From which locations you can rent a car ? 

That’s what “BAB al madeena rent a car dubai rent a car” proudly stands for, you only need to be in the UAE. As a result, whether you are in Dubai, Abu dhabi or any other state of UAE we can deliver our rentals anywhere. Just send us the Pin point location by means of your whatsapp at the time of renting the car from our sales support or requesting by means of online booking. You are DONE. The car will be delivered to you only in 2 hours once you confirm the agreement.  

Rent a car Duration 

Best Daily rent a car deals  

BAB al madeena rent a car dubai offers 400 plus cars from different brands & all car types for having an option to rent a car daily from us. We have some cheap daily rental options. For example: Kia picanto, Mitsubishi mirage, chevrolet aveo in hatchback cars. For SUV we have Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Patrol & Kia Sportage. In Sedan we have Nissan Sunny, MG 360, MG 350, Renault Symbol. BAB al madeena rent a car dubai also has Ford Mustang convertible & BMW for its daily car rental services in UAE.  

Cheap Monthly car rentals offers 

To rent a car monthly basis we bring the cheapest offers starting from 500 AED, 600 AED, 750 AED, and 900 AED. In addition, you can also avail our promotional prices in which you will be able to get almost half of the original prices over all of our monthly car rentals including hatch, SUV and sedan cars. Secondly, if you decide to renew the car for another month we will surely offer you economical prices as we believe in retaining the customers as our friends for future.  

In the end, we are now leaving the decision for you to make. You have multiple options, and we have provided you with the best recommendation we can ever make when it comes to letting our readers know why to rent a car monthly basis when you are on a visit to Dubai.